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Schutzraum und Bunker bauen / kaufen in Deutschland

German Shelter Center

We are Germany's experts in the construction of shelters and bunkers.

We offer you a safe haven within your own four walls.

The German Shelter Center offers advice, planning and sales of shelter components for private shelter construction in Germany. We provide you with a safe place of refuge within your own four walls.

What is a shelter?

Shelters, also known as nuclear shelters / air raid shelters, are primarily built in the event of armed conflict, but can also be used as safe refuges in other disasters and emergencies.

Shelters/bunkers must be able to withstand the effects of modern weapons, i.e. they must primarily provide protection against nuclear, biological and chemical warfare agents and close-range hits from conventional weapons.

Why shelters are needed

Due to political developments over the last 70 years, protection and security have become a matter of course for most citizens in Germany. Private disaster prevention is often seen as unnecessary and is laughed at. But despite the apparently good security situation, there are real risks here too.

There are currently 75 active nuclear reactors and dozens of chemical factories in Germany's neighboring countries - and the number is rising. The number of environmental disasters, crime, terror warnings and hacker attacks is increasing year after year, which experts believe poses a real danger in Germany too. But political disputes in neighboring countries and war scenarios involving the use of ABC warfare agents and explosive weapons can no longer be ruled out.

Even in the event of a disaster that had been announced in advance, it would not be possible today to create sufficient shelters for the German population at short notice.

With your own shelter, you and your family are protected from dangers across generations.

Nuclear power plants in Europe and Germany

Map of nuclear reactors in Europe [1]

How are shelters constructed?

Shelters essentially consist of a thick reinforced concrete shell made of in-situ concrete in the basement of a building. In the best case scenario, the components are therefore cast in concrete in the basement during the construction of new residential/commercial properties.

Access is secured with special, armored doors. Shelters are also equipped with an emergency exit in case the exit via the shelter door is blocked.

To ensure a safe air supply, the bunkers /shelters are equipped with a special ABC ventilation system and gas filter, which can be operated electrically and, in an emergency, manually with a hand crank.

In non-threat times, shelters can be used regularly as basement compartments, hobby rooms, wine cellars or as protected storage spaces.


What shelter concepts do we offer?


Are there shelter spaces in the event of a disaster?

Installation of a new sliding armored wall for an existing shelter in Germany


In Switzerland, the legal requirement that every citizen must have a shelter available has been in place since 1971. For this reason, a shelter must be built in every new building.
There are currently around 365,000 personal shelters and 1,700 public shelters in Switzerland. Switzerland thus has a shelter quota of 120% - i.e. more shelter places than there are inhabitants. [3]


In the 1960s, there were shelters in Germany for about 3% of the population. [4] In 2007, the German federal government, in agreement with the states, decided to abandon the construction and maintenance of public shelters and to stop funding them. [5] There are currently no operational public shelters available in Germany. [6]


In contrast to Switzerland, there are no public shelters in Germany. In Germany, you have to make your own arrangements for a shelter.


Can shelters be reactivated?

Shelter Gate for the reactivation of shelters in Germany

In Germany, there are still a large number of private home shelters and public civil defense facilities dating back to the Cold War. Most of these buildings have been forgotten over the years and have not been serviced or maintained for decades and are no longer operational.

We prepare expert reports for the reactivation of existing shelters. Based on the reports, we can create a reactivation plan for the existing facility.

We can subsequently equip and reactivate the protective structure with ventilation systems, gas filters, doors and gates, beds, dry toilets and furniture.


Take responsibility for your own safety.

Build a shelter in the basement, shelter accessories, buy a bunker in Munich

We are Germany's experts in the construction of shelters and bunkers and offer:

  • Advice on shelter construction in new buildings / extensions / conversions

  • Specialist planning for shelter and bunker construction

  • Expert advice and preparation of reports on reactivation

  • Preparation of reactivation plans

  • Static calculation of shelters

  • Sales of shelter components

  • Project support and contact for architects, structural engineers, construction companies, fitters

  • Installation of ventilation systems, dry toilets and lying areas

  • Construction of shelters

Contact us for a free and non-binding consultation.

Bunker Broker Germany

Deutschlands Immobilienmakler für die Vermittlung von bestehenden Schutzräumen, Bunkern und ehem. Militäranlagen

Mit der Unternehmenssparte Bunker Makler Deutschland sind wir zentraler Vermittler für den Kauf und Verkauf von Schutzraum- und Bunkerimmobilien aus ganz Deutschland. Wir führen eine bundesweite Kunden- und Liegenschaftsdatenbank für eine absolut diskrete Immobilienvermittlung.

  • Vermietung von einzelnen Schutzraumplätzen

  • Verauf von Schutzräumen und Immobilien mit integriertem Hausschutzraum

  • Verkauf und Vermietung von Bunkern und ehemaligen Militärflächen zur gewerblichen Nutzung

  • Kontaktvermittlung für gemeinsame Bauvorhaben

Weiterführende Informationen finden Sie auf der Website unter:

Read more information about shelters:

Panzerdeckel für Notaustieg aus Bunker und Schutzräumen

What level of protection does a shelter offer?

Lüftungsanlage / Belüftungsanlage für Schutzräume, Keller, Bunker. Filtern Außenluft mit Aktivkohlefilter. Filter für chemische Kampfstoffe

Which components are needed?

Baukosten von einem Schutzraum richten sich nach dem Bauvorhaben. Beim Neuebau sind die Kosten wesendlich günstiger.

How much does a shelter cost?

Bau von Atomschutzräumen im Keller mit Stahlbeton, gepanzerten Türen, Notausstieg

How can I have a shelter built?

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