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Schutzraum im Keller von Wohnhaus zum Schutz vor Katastrophen und Krieg

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We are Germany's experts in the construction of shelters and bunkers using reinforced concrete construction.

We offer you a safe haven within your own four walls .


About Us

Building shelters is a matter of trust

The German Shelter Center is based in the west of Munich and offers comprehensive solutions for the public and private construction of shelters throughout Germany.

We source our certified shelter components directly from Switzerland. As the exclusive trading partner of Mengeu AG, we are responsible for the entire German region.

Through our cooperation with Reichl GmbH, we have over 40 years of experience in the field of shelter construction in Germany. Together with our team, our partner in Switzerland and decades of construction experience, we have specialized in individual and well-thought-out protection concepts.

With our shelters we offer you and your family protection and security for all eventualities.

Team from the German Shelter Center

Contact us, we will be happy to offer you discreet and non-binding advice. We look forward to your inquiry!


Our services

We offer the following services

  • Advice on shelter construction in new buildings / extensions / conversions

  • Specialist planning for shelter and bunker construction

  • Expert advice and preparation of reports on reactivation

  • Preparation of reactivation plans

  • Static calculation of shelters

  • Sales, customs clearance and shipping of shelter components

  • Project support and contact for architects, structural engineers, construction companies, fitters

  • Installation of ventilation systems, dry toilets and lying areas

  • Construction of shelters

Video courses on the construction of shelters and assembly instructions for armored doors, ventilation systems for bunkers

you will recieve ... from U.S

  • Shelter detailed planning according to Swiss standard TWP1984

  • CAD assembly plan drawing for the installation of the shelter closures and wall penetrations with detailed installation dimensions

  • Static calculation according to Swiss standard TWK2017

  • Associated position/ overview/ reinforcement sketches

  • Reinforcement plans with steel lists for statics

  • Reinforcement plans with steel lists for cast-in-place concrete components

  • Information on concrete work and setting the installation components

  • Detailed drawings and instructions

  • Information on electrical and plumbing installation in the shelter

  • Videos and instructions for assembling the shelter components

Mediation of existing protective structures

With our division Bunker Makler Deutschland, we are the central broker for the purchase and sale of shelter and bunker properties from all over Germany. We maintain a nationwide customer and property database for absolutely discreet real estate brokerage.

  • Rental of individual shelter spaces

  • Sale of shelters and properties with integrated home shelter

  • Sale and rental of bunkers and former military areas for commercial use

  • Establishing contacts for joint construction projects

Further information can be found on the website at:

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