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Der modulare Fertigbunker ist aus Stahlbeton und wird zum Kauf angeboten. Der Bunker kann im Garten oder am Haus montiert werden und bietet Schutz vor atomaren, biologischen und chemischen Kampfstoffen

Buy nuclear-safe bunkers

Nuclear shelters must offer people comprehensive protection. Based on the highest requirements, our team of engineers calculated, developed and patented a bunker capable of protecting against nuclear radiation.

Our reinforced concrete bunker has a modular design and can be assembled at your premises within a few days.


Nuclear-proof bunkers

Bunkers are special underground shelters that serve to protect people, goods or information from various dangers. Bunkers fulfill different functions depending on their purpose. In a warlike context, they serve as protection against enemy attacks, for example in the form of air or nuclear attacks. In a civilian context, bunkers protect against natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms or floods. But they also protect against unforeseen events such as power outages, cyber attacks or as a panic room in the event of criminal break-ins. In addition, bunkers are also used to store important goods such as food, water or medical supplies.


On the development of the prefabricated bunker

The German Shelter Center is one of the leading shelter builders in Germany. Many of the customers who contacted us and were interested in building private shelters already had an existing building on their property and converting a basement room into a shelter was difficult. The subsequent construction of a shelter/bunker on the property using conventional construction methods was also not the easiest option, as a large number of trades were required.


For this reason, we decided to develop the safest modular prefabricated bunker for our customers.

The modular prefabricated bunker had to meet the highest requirements and withstand extreme loads. It also had to offer the occupants sufficient protection from radioactive radiation. Steel walls and ceilings were not an option for these requirements, which meant that the shelter shell had to be made of solid reinforced concrete.

Since there are no longer any legal requirements and framework conditions for shelter construction in Germany, we based our development heavily on the former German requirements as well as the current Swiss standards for shelter construction.

In collaboration with the German precast concrete plant Hieber, we have developed a modular prefabricated bunker that meets the highest requirements. The modular prefabricated bunker is designed for a pressure load of 200 kN/m². This is about 40 times the load of a conventional basement ceiling. Thanks to our patented system, a private bunker can be built easily and in a very short time, even if there is already construction on the property.


The bunker is modular and available in three different sizes:

  • Compact

  • default

  • Large

Access to the bunker can be via a staircase module or via direct access from the basement of an existing building. This means that the prefabricated bunkers can be installed inconspicuously in various locations.

Modular reinforced concrete bunker for private customers to buy in Germany

Construction of the modular prefabricated bunker

Use and application

The prefabricated bunker was designed so that it can be used effectively both in times of danger and in times of peace. Most bunkers and shelters are used in times of peace as cellars for supplies or as hobby rooms. The bunker buildings can also be furnished and equipped as an exclusive wine cellar.


In tense situations such as pre-attack phases, the bunkers are prepared for rapid occupancy and stocked with supplies and food. Days or weeks can pass before the danger occurs. During this time, people stay in and outside the bunker for a while. It can be assumed that the population will be informed about the danger via the media (Internet, TV, radio, etc.). In times of danger and attack phases, people primarily stay in the bunker. The length of time required depends on the type of threat and can range from hours to days. You can find more information on this on our subpage on the scope of protection of bunkers and shelters.


To ensure that people remain safe in times of danger, our prefabricated bunker is equipped with comprehensive safety technology:

Prefabricated bunker type "Standard" with inventory and equipment

Structure and equipment

Each prefabricated bunker has an entrance and an emergency exit. The entrances are equipped with solid armored doors and armored covers made of 20 cm reinforced concrete to protect people from pressure waves, radioactive radiation, gases and from unauthorized entry. If access via the armored door is blocked, occupants can leave the bunker via the emergency exit.

The air supply is provided by a special ventilation system with ABC gas filter, which offers protection against nuclear, biological and chemical warfare agents. The ventilation system can be operated electrically or manually in the event of a power failure. Air inlets and outlets are equipped with tested explosion protection valves and protect occupants from explosions and pressure waves.

The bunkers are equipped as standard with shelter beds, storage shelves, dry toilets and power and water supply connections. In the event of a power failure, the bunker is supplied with power via the integrated emergency power supply using maintenance-free battery storage and photovoltaic modules.


Variants of the modular prefabricated bunker

Ready-made bunker compact

The prefabricated bunker “Compact” is the smallest size and offers full protection for a maximum of six people.

  • 6 shelter spaces

  • 12.0 m² usable area

  • ABC ventilation system with gas filter

  • Armoured door

  • Armoured cover with emergency exit

  • Dry toilet

  • Emergency power supply

Fertigbunker Kompakt

Ready-made bunker standard

The prefabricated bunker “Standard” is medium-sized and offers full protection for a maximum of nine people.

  • 9 shelter spaces

  • 20.4 m² usable space

  • ABC ventilation system with gas filter

  • Armoured door

  • Armoured cover with emergency exit

  • Dry toilet
  • Emergency power supply

Fertigbunker Standard

Prefabricated bunker large

The “Large” prefabricated bunker is the largest size and offers full protection for a maximum of twelve people.

  • 12 shelter spaces

  • 28.8 m² usable space

  • ABC ventilation system with gas filter

  • Armoured door

  • Armoured cover with emergency exit

  • Bathroom with sink, toilet and shower as well as dry toilet
  • Emergency power supply