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Shelter variants

There are different types of shelters and bunkers. The German Shelter Center offers you the right shelter depending on your budget and requirements.


Variants at a glance

The shelter and bunker construction is diverse and offers numerous equipment options. Our engineering team has developed three shelter classes that are individually tailored to our customers. All three shelter variants

  • Base

  • Classic

  • Premium

are designed according to the Swiss standard and statically calculated.


Variants in detail

Schutzaum Basis

Shelter Base

The "Basis" shelter meets all the requirements of the Swiss specifications and offers the most cost-effective option for building a shelter in the building, as an extension or in the garden.

The shelter is equipped with an armored door, armored cover, ABC ventilation system, dry toilet and 3-person beds. Thanks to the space-saving beds with cloth covering, relatively large numbers of people can be accommodated even in small shelters.

Calculating the minimum size:

1 m² ventilation system

+ 1 m² dry toilet

+ 1 m² per planned shelter occupant

The "Basic" shelter is available from a size of 8 m² and is intended for short to medium-term stays .

Schutzraum Classic

Shelter Classic

The "Classic" shelter is the most popular option in Germany and offers a good balance between price and features .

With a size of 20 - 35 m², the shelter offers more space and comfort than the "Basic" shelter and is also equipped with water supply and drainage, a wet toilet, shower, sink and kitchenette. The beds can be either space-saving 3-person beds with cloth covering or more comfortable, shock-tested beds with mattresses.

This shelter is set up like an apartment and is designed for longer-term stays .

Schutzraum Premium

Shelter Premium

This is a self-sufficient shelter facility consisting of several rooms and shelter compartments.

The "Premium" shelter, with a size of 50 - 200 m², offers even larger groups of people a comfortable refuge with a full range of facilities .

This system offers everything that the "Classic" version offers and is also equipped with a lock, which allows people to enter the shelter at a later date without endangering the occupants.

For emergency supply, the "Premium" shelter has a separate emergency power room with continuous emergency power and well water supply.

This makes it possible to stay in this shelter for long periods of time .


Variants in comparison

Which features are important to you?

The three variants have different equipment levels, although the transition is fluid. Depending on the available space and budget, we can design your shelter individually.

The following table gives you an overview of the equipment variants of shelters:

Variants of shelters and bunkers

Overview of shelter equipment

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